14 Jul 14 at 3 am

fête nationale. vive la france! 🇫🇷

fête nationale. vive la france! 🇫🇷
11 Jul 14 at 3 am

"The Boy (prod. HS87)"
Casey Veggies

10 Jul 14 at 1 am

Asked by 1vegas702

asker Your story and your fight is so inspiring and amazing. If you had a fan club I would be your #1 fan. I am rooting for you and will say a daily prayer for you.

Thank you. (:

No need for the a fan club. Lol, I’m small time.

I do highly appreciate the prayers.

asker I hear ya, same here....whatever happens happens do you have a fb page?

I do.

Jennifer Reese.

Fair warning: I’m hardly on it though.

07 Jul 14 at 5 pm

Asked by Anonymous

asker How's your health ?

Honestly, a pain in the ass.

Some days are better than others. I try to make the most of those, but as for the others, just shitty. A lot of the time I wake up not knowing what symptoms I am going to be dealing with because it’s a TBI and everything is at random. My brain is literally throwing hissy fits day in and day out.

The day my brain calms TF down will be a great day.

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06 Jul 14 at 1 pm

When boredom strikes…

When boredom strikes…
01 Jul 14 at 11 pm

sick people can be fabulous too. (:

sick people can be fabulous too. (:

28 Jun 14 at 2 pm

Asked by hissanm

asker How are you? What are hour plans this summer

I’m solid.
Chilling for the most part.
Summer plans? Well, currently I really don’t have any. Just playing it by ear.

asker I just read your story and man. I'm glad you're pulling through. My prayers are with you

Thank you.
Much appreciated.
It’s a excruciatingly slow recovery but hey, I’m just thankful to still be alive.